Wednesday, 25 June 2014

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1. Sonakshi Sinha
This young lady isn't known for her great style but she definitely needs a style guru who will introduce her to t-shirt bras and the theory behind sheer fabric.

2. Kangana Ranaut
While Kangana was busy burning up the ramp for a fashion designer, he was obviously too busy to complete the outfit! Horrible fashion to add to the malfunction.

3. Alia Bhatt
Young Alia thought sans innerwear is the way to go but dear ol' girl, it isn't the best choice when there are about ten floodlight pointed right at you!

4. Sunny Leone
With this LBD, we got a little more than we bargained for. Cross your legs, ladies!

5. Parineeti Chopra
Bollywood definitely needs a new seamstress. What's with all the dresses splitting on the red carpet!

6. Katrina Kaif
There's no denying the fact that Katrina's outfit was super cute but it was also super short! Not a great dress for those planning on taking a seat.Cheeky, cheeky Aamir!

7. Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi needs a new career, a new wardrobe and a new stylist! What in the world was she thinking when she put on those horrid pants? Oh mother of all camel toes!

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